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WLPD Incorporates E-Citations

Patrolman Paul Perkins began using the E-Citations software on his regular shifts on March 18th, 2007.  Perkins, a West Liberty Police Officer for two years, was appointed by Chief Kelse Hensley to be the research and test officer for the new E-Citations software.  "E-Citations is basically short for electronic citations.  It automatically reports citations to the courthouse, Frankfort headquarters, the jail where an arrested individual would be housed.  We implemented printers, which are installed in our patrol units, to print off copies.  One of the benefits of E-Citations is the ability to place more charges on one citation.  Doing a citation by hand allows space for four charges.  With E-Citations, we can place a total of nine charges on one citations, eliminating 2 complete citations, which cuts down on the use of paper.  Another benefit is it cuts down on "side of the road" time, the traffic stop time.  You can complete a citation in five minutes or less."

A scanner has also been installed in the patrol unit to scan the new driver licenses.  "When we scan a drivers license, it pre-fills the offenders information, such as name, date of birth, address, and other pertinent information into the E-Citations program.", said Officer Perkins.



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