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Halloween Safety Tips From McGruff

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caticon1-3.gif (1437 bytes)   Be sure an adult or someone responsible goes with you when you go trick-or-treating


dracicon1-1.gif (268 bytes)    Never eat anything until you are home and your treats have been examined.  Throw away anything that is not wrapped


witchicon1-2.gif (259 bytes)    Check the wrappers of commercial treats for signs of tampering and call the police if there are nay suspicious treats


caticon1-3.gif (1437 bytes)    Never talk to strangers or get in a car with a stranger


dracicon1-1.gif (268 bytes)    Be sure your costume fits and you can see well


witchicon1-2.gif (259 bytes)    Be sure to trick-or-treat in a neighborhood you know and in well-lighted streets Daylight hours are best


caticon1-3.gif (1437 bytes)    If you are going to be out after dark, be sure to carry a flashlight


dracicon1-1.gif (268 bytes)    Use sidewalks if possible and look both ways before crossing


witchicon1-2.gif (259 bytes)    Be sure to tell you parents who you are with and where you are going




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