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Anti Drug Campaign Continues

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County / City Anti drug Initiative Continues


Early 2011 our Morgan County Fiscal Court in response to Rx drug abuse epidemic allotted $10,000.00 dollars funding joint drug investigations of the Morgan County Sheriff Department & West Liberty Police Department. The initiative prior to this latest round, up netted 30 Trafficking Controlled Substance arrest.  If you support this initiative thank your County & City Governments. If you would like to donate monies to the Initiative contact City Clerk Sally Barker.


02/02/12 officers of the West Liberty Police, Morgan County Sheriff, Kentucky State Police and United States Special Agent Kenneth Scarberry executed 11 indictment warrants for drug trafficking. The following individuals arrest stems from the joint city county anti-drug initiative.  Holly Benton was arrested on 01/30/2012. One other individual remains at large.

                                            Mainis Young

Mainis Young disabled 47 of Sandy Hook, KY. His prior arrest record shows:

4/18/1986 Drinking on Highway

3/28/1992 Burglary 1st Forced Entry

3/28/1992 Falsely Reporting an Incident

6/11/1998 DUI

12/18/1998 Driving DUI 1st off

11/1/2000 Driving DUI 2nd off

3/17/2004 Trafficking W/1000 yards School             

3/17/2004 Trafficking Con Sub 1st

3/17/2004 Trafficking Con Sub 1st

3/17/2004 Trafficking Con Sub 1st

3/17/2004 Trafficking Con Sub 2nd

3/17/2004 Trafficking Con Sub         

1/11/2005 Trafficking Con Sub 1st

1/11/2005 Trafficking Con Sub 2nd

  Kim Copeland

Kim Copeland, unemployed/disabled 51 of Sandy Hook, KY. Her prior arrest record shows:

05/11/2003 Creel and Size Limit for Fish

05/06/2004 Trafficking Controlled Substance 1st degree 1st off Cocaine

05/06/2004 Trafficking Controlled Substance 1st degree

05/06/2004 Trafficking Controlled Substance 2nd degree


Ricky Jones

Ricky Jones, unemployed 48 of West Liberty, KY. His prior arrest record shows:

7/26/2001 Failure to Appear  

9/30/1992 Trafficking Marijuana       

9/30/1992 Trafficking or Trans a schedule 1 or 2 narcotic

12/6/1990 Receiving stolen under

11/2/1990 Burglary 1st forced

5/15/1990 Trafficking in schedule 1 non-narcotic hallucinogen        

5/15/1990 Poss. Hashish with intent

9/8/1987    Burg 3rd


Allen Gibson

Allen Gibson, unemployed 45 of West Liberty, KY. His prior arrest record shows:

2/19/2011 Bench Warrant      

3/2/2007 DUI 2nd                   

3/2/2007 Operate on Suspended/Rev License

3/2/2007 No Registration       

3/2/2007 No Registration Receipt

3/2/2007 Failure to Wear Seatbelt     

3/2/2007 No Insurance 1st 

6/25/2006 No License

6/25/2006 No Insurance 1st 

6/25/2006 DUI 1st

9/24/1988 DUI Probable Cause

9/24/1988 Possession of Marijuana

4/23/1987 DUI


Lonnie Adkins

Lonnie Adkins, unemployed 31 of West Liberty, KY.


Timothy Law

Timothy Law, truck driver 40 of West Liberty, KY. His prior arrest record shows:

4/20/2011 Improper Equipment                     

3/29/2010 PI              

2/20/2010 PI

1/17/2006 Disregarding Traffic Con Device 

1/17/2006 DUI                       

1/17/2006 Failure to wear Seat belt   

1/17/2006 Failure to produce Ins Card

1/17/2006 Possession Con Sub 1st Off

1/17/2006 Improper Equipment         

1/17/2006 Prescription Con Sub not in prop con

1/14/1997 Sexual Abuse 1st

1/14/1997 Sexual Abuse 1st

8/30/1994 Sexual Abuse 1st

8/30/1994 Sexual Abuse 2nd

8/30/1994 Sexual Abuse 2nd

4/26/1993 Burglary 3rd

3/1/1993 Burglary 3rd


Goldie Gibson

Goldie Gibson, unemployed 35 of Campton, KY.


Larry Ross

Larry Ross, unemployed 41 of Campton, KY. His prior arrest record shows:

07/24/1998 Criminal Littering

08/20/1999 Criminal Trespassing


Jason Caskey

Jason Caskey, unemployed 26 of West Liberty, KY. His prior arrest record shows:

9/9/2009 PI    

9/9/2009 Contempt of Court 

2/19/2007 No registration Plates

2/19/2007 No Registration Receipt   

2/19/2007 No Insurance         

2/19/2007 No Seat Belt         

8/23/2006 Operating on Suspended License

9/14/2003 DUI

9/14/2003 No Seat Belts

12/2/2007 Burglary 1st


Stephen Caskey

Stephen Caskey, unemployed 27 of West Liberty, KY. His prior arrest record shows:

06/28/2010 DUI, Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Marijuana

11/28/2011 Trafficking Controlled Substance 3 counts


Mark Gibson

Mark Gibson, unemployed 21 of West Liberty, KY. His prior arrest record shows:

10/24/2011 Burglary 2nd and Theft



Holly B. Benton

Holly Benton, factory worker 30 of West Liberty, KY.


As always authorities are seeking individuals who will purchase controlled substances on a paid basis




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