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Ghost Out 2009

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The Grim Reaper descended upon the Morgan County High School at 7:00 a.m. on Friday, May 15th, 2009, as part of Ghost Out 2009.  Ghost Out is a week-long alcohol and drug awareness program aimed at teenagers because traffic crashes are the number one killer of teens and over one-third of teen traffic deaths are alcohol-related (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).  This is a very emotional and powerful program with a strong impact on the students.  For an hour the Grim Reaper stood atop two crashed vehicles at the entrance to the Morgan County High School's parking lot "greeting" buses, students and parents driving to the schools.  A random selection of fifteen students, the average number of people killed in alcohol or drug related crashes during a school day, are chosen and are declared dead.  These fifteen victims were given a special Ghost Out t-shirt, a pizza party and the privilege of designing their own tombstone and obituary.  A coffin was designed and placed inside the school with a mirror inside with a sign above reading "Is what you see worth it?".  An assembly took place later in the day with guest speakers Judge Rupert Wilhoit, Morgan County Attorney Steve O'Connor, KSP Sgt. Bobby Motley and Reverend Mike Lindon talking to the entire high school.  Ghost Out supporters in attendance were West Liberty Police Chief Kelse Hensley & Senior Patrolman Zach Haney, West Liberty Fire Department Asst. Chief David Conley, Rescue Squad member Carter Easterling, a representative from the Morgan County Ambulance Service, Morgan County Sheriff Mickey Whitt,  and Deputy Jailer Lowell Adkins.

The final result of the mock accident.

Patrolman Robby Perry, the Grim Reaper, CTO Chris Ball & Senior Patrolman Zach Haney

The Grim Reaper towering over Asst. Principal Vanhoose

The Grim Reaper posing for a camera op.

The casket designed by Morgan County HS T.S.A. club.

A good question to ask anyone thinking about drinking and driving.

High school students staring at the casket and the Grim Reaper.

Victims getting ready for the assembly.

Victims waiting for make-up.

Supporters of Ghost Out

Guest speakers for Ghost Out.

The Grim Reaper



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