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Farm Home Family Night 2008

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Patrolman Michael Zachary Haney, Telecommunicator Carol Hill and CTO Chris Ball attended the Farm Home Family Night 2008 at the Morgan County High School on Monday, March 17th, 2008.  Patrolman Haney, with assistance from Telecommunicator Hill, demonstrated the affects of alcohol by allowing participants to wear "drunk" goggles.  Each pair of goggles is designed to allow the wearer to experience the different effects of different amounts alcohol.  CTO Ball conducted his second Internet Safety Class which consisted of the dangers of MySpace and other social networking sites, as well as information on Internet Slang and the tools and information provided from our website www.westlibertypd.com.

Patrolman Michael Zachary Haney

Telecommunicator Carol Hill

Patrolman Haney giving a sobriety test with a student wearing "drunk" goggles.

CTO Chris Ball

CTO Ball with Internet Safety Class



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