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Special Watches

Special watches were created to allow home owners and businesses to request the WLPD to watch their property for a set length of time, for reasons such as going on vacation, recent burglaries or crimes to the property, and for suspicious activity.

Business Checks

        Business checks were created to inform business owners of an officer's         
        presence at their establishment.  Officers check the doors and windows of the 
        business as well as leave their business card to notify the owner that the 
        business was checked.

Requests For Patrol

Requests for patrol should be made in cases where you want the WLPD to patrol the area for suspicious activity that is occurring now.

Mapping and Addressing
The West Liberty E-911 Center updates and maintains current physical addressing for all Morgan County residents.
Community Lectures

The West Liberty Police Department enjoys going into the community and schools to increase knowledge of law enforcement and deliver helpful messages.

Domestic Violence Petitions

The West Liberty Police Department is the entry point for all domestic violence petitions (Emergency Protective Orders/Domestic Violence Orders) in Morgan County.

Enhanced 9-1-1

The West Liberty E-911 Center is the public safety answering point for all of Morgan County.

Community Preparedness Planning

The West Liberty Police Department is a major participant in Morgan County's plan to manage natural disasters or other unusual occurrences, such as clandestine meth labs, homeland security issues, etc.



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