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During the summer months, most children spend a lot of time playing out doors.

On the Playground

Donít run with sharp objects in your hand, or with anything in your mouth.
Be careful not to walk in front of a moving swing.
Always sit, never stand, on a swing.
Always wear shoes around a playground to avoid cutting your feet on glass or the playground equipment.
Never talk to or go anywhere with a stranger (someone you donít know)

Near Traffic

Donít run into the street from between parked cars. A driver may not be able to see you in time to stop his car from hitting you.
Cross the street only at the crosswalks.
Never play in the street while there is traffic. You must watch for cars because the driver may not see you.
Always look both directions before crossing the street.

In the Sun

Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose fitting clothing to allow your body to cool off.
Slowly build up the time you spend in the sun. Avoid bad sunburns by building up a tolerance to the sun.
Try to stay in a cool place if possible, such as the shade provided be a tree or sun cover.
If you are fair-skinned, wear a t-shirt all the time, even when swimming. Wear sun-blocking lotions.
Drink plenty of fluids.

If You Get Lost

Carry a card with your home address, parentsí names and phone number(s) on it.
If lost in a store, go to the cash register and ask an employee for assistance.
If lost on an outdoor activity, stay where you are and wait for someone to find you. Do not panic and start to run around trying to find your friends or family. The first place someone will look for you will be the last place that they saw you.
If there is a policeman nearby, you can always ask him/her for help.
Never accept a ride from a stranger.

Bicycle Safety

When walking, always walk against traffic. When riding a bicycle, however, you always ride with traffic.
Remember to use hand signals to warn other drivers of your intentions. Always stay to the far right side of the travel lane.
Always remember to obey all the traffic signals and signs. Bike riders must stop at stop signs and red lights, just like cars do.
Watch out for road hazards such as loose sand or gravel, storm grates, open car doors, barking dogs, and traffic turning to the right or entering the street.

In Your Yard

Stay away from power mowers. They can throw things out like rocks or wires that can cut you.
Donít play in old refrigerators or anything else that you might get trapped in.
The barbecue grill is for mom and dad to use. Never play with the grill, matches, or lighter fluid.
Look before you reach! The summer months are times when there are lots of bugs and spiders about. Donít reach into corners or dark areas of your garage before you look for spider webs. Spiders such as the black widow live in these areas and can hurt you if you are not careful.

Around Pets and Other Animals

Stay away from animals that you donít know. Avoid stray dogs and cats.
If you go to a park, do not tough wild animals such as gophers or bats. These animals may carry a disease called rabies. You can become very sick, and even die, if you contract the disease. These animals are fun to watch, but DO NOT TOUCH!
If you are bitten by an animal you do not know, tell your parents right away and get medical attention if necessary.
If you have pets at home, remember to play with them gently.

Flash Floods Kill

When we get a downpour of rain, the ground becomes saturated to the point it wonít hold any more water and then the water runs off and causes flooding. Here is some information you should know about flash floods.

Flash floods can occur anywhere.
During a rainstorm, avoid flood prone areas such as washes, gullys and lower areas of the surrounding area.
Never drive a bike, motorcycle or automobile through a flooded area. Turn around and wait for the water to subside before crossing a flooded area.
Stay far away from fast moving flood water Ė it is very dangerous to be in. Never swim or play in such water as you can be swept away to your death.
Flooded areas may be deeper than they appear. Many times fast moving water will wash out a road or bridge and you cannot see this from the waterís edge. Again, wait for the water to go down before walking or driving through an area where flooding has occurred.

At The Pool

Always swim with a buddy Ė never alone. Even the best swimmer can experience sudden cramps.
Young children should not go in or near water without an adult watching. Anyone can drown in water one inch deep, especially small children.
Learn to swim. If you canít swim, stay out of the water.
Know your limits; donít go into water deeper than you can safely swim in.
Be especially careful when diving. Dive only in the deep end of the pool. Donít engage in horseplay on the diving board. Allow only one person at a time on the diving board.
Walk to the end of the board before diving or jumping. Donít dive at inner tubes or other objects in the water.
Never dive in unfamiliar waters. Find out how deep the water is before diving into it.
Stay out of the pool during thunderstorms.
If you have a backyard pool, remind your parents to have it fenced in, especially if you have very young brothers or sisters. Every year many small children wander out to a pool, fall in, and drown. Remember to keep the gate closed at all times to prevent such a tragedy.





































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