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The West Liberty Police Department and the Morgan County Sheriffs Office received firearms training Friday, March 30, 2007, from Sgt. Scott Adkins, WLPD Firearms Instructor.  The training focused on rapid deployment, or shooter involved crisis situations.  All WLPD officers were present, as well as Morgan County Deputy Sheriff Kenny Dulin.

"Included in the firearms training was a review of the K.R.S. (Kentucky Revised Statutes) regarding "Use of Force" and a written exam followed.  In addition all present were introduced to written material outlining several tactics or practices to use when responding to shooting situations, firing range exercises which included: move/shoot exercises, stoppage drills, weapons transitioning and multiple target engagement, as well as time at the Morgan Co. High School familiarizing officers with the layout of the building and tactics on entering and engaging shooter(s).", said Sgt. Adkins.  "All WLPD officers should now have a basic understanding of tactics that may be used and an idea of what to expect when responding to a shooting situation."



Sgt. Scott Adkins and Patrolman Paul Perkins apply the paper targets to the wood frame target holders.

Shown here is a move/shoot exercise.

Another move/shoot exercise.

Deputy Sheriff Kenny Dulin takes aim.

Patrolman Zach Haney and Deputy Sheriff Kenny Dulin.



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